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  • Fully Qualified Builders
  • ANY SIZE Jobs Guaranteed

We offer following services:

  • House extensions
  • Loft & attic conversions
  • Any home refurbishment
  • Kitchen & Bathroom fitting
  • All building works

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We provide full service:

  • Preparing planning permission application
  • Draw your plans using: CAD
  • All buildings full service works


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  • Carefully designed fashionable patio and house extensions
  • Effective, cosy and best quality house extensions
  • Unique arrangements for all types of house interiors
  • Highly professional and fashionable kitchen extensions
  • Thoroughly planned and built patio extensions
  • Cosy, warm and excellent quality loft and attic conversions

Basement conversion SW London

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If you are looking for a unique basement conversion ideas done by true experts – we are the company which can offer you services you expect. Throughout the years of our practice we have already realised many conversions of different kinds of basements.


What we do:

  • basement surveying services,
  • preparing basement designs,
  • basement planning,
  • comprehensive project management,
  • basement construction,


Our team of specialists:

  • experienced and skilled architects,
  • professional wall-surveying experts,
  • basement planners,

Our company will provide you with a full-inclusive and comprehensive range of basement conversion services. Our services can be personalised according to clients needs and expectations. Each basement conversion project we take up includes professional and thorough planning service with a fully professional surveying works.

We will help you turn your basement into: gyms, play rooms, swimming pools, living-rooms, or effective and cosy house offices where you’ll be able to work effectively. Most of our works are realised within South West London, but we also offer services within the entire London area if required.

Garden extension South West London

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Lots of houses still have unused garages which used to be perfect for keeping cars but they often stay unused nowadays. Most often they are not sufficiently large enough to keep there vehicles any more.

Our company realise that and provide professional garage extension in SW London area for all those who want to make their garages more useful once again. Our experienced designers, engineers and fitters will offer you lots of ideas which will help you to choose the one you prefer.

We will extend the existing garage to be the perfect place to keep cars and other vehicles in it. The works which we normally perform are the following: CAD drawing and designing, wall damaging and erecting, brick works, comprehensive plastering services, tiling works and many more.

Fully comprehensive garage extension South West London

Client-individual garden conversions SW London

However, if you don not need your garage any more, but you still want to make it a useful part of the house we have another option for you. It is possible to change your garage into a fully professional and multi-purpose area or a place for just one particular purpose. For instance, we can help you to convert the garage into a modern office, comfortable bedroom, or even a separate room for children to play.

Both conversions and extensions of old garages are very useful ways of providing your house with a lot more working or leisure space. If you would like to have your own garage converted or extended – send us the enquiry form you’ll find on the right.

Home extensions SW London

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If you require phouse_extensions_sw_londonrofessional home extensions in SW London we can offer you our experience, skills, knowledge and professional team of experts to make your dreams come true. House extensions within South West London are always carefully planned and managed by our CAD specialists and project managers.

There are lots of advantages which house extensions bring. You can, for example, enjoy a bigger space in your kitchen – a more spacious dining place, but also several other useful areas used, for instance, as greenhouses or utility rooms.

Careful CAD drawing & planning of home extensions SW London

We design and plan the entire extension project of a house and then undertake the comprehensive construction works. Our builders and skilled CAD designers realise even most advanced and complex home extension works within SW London. Our works include services like: new floor installation and fitting, electrical and heating systems installation, wall tiling, floor tiling, installation of ovens, cookers, comprehensive brickworks, plastering services and many more.

Among house extensions projects in SW London we most often realise loft conversions, bathroom fittings, kitchen extensions and more. Contact us for more information (e.g. prices, areas covered, etc.).

Bathroom fitting SW London

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bathroom_fitting_sw_londonBathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and our company bathroom fitting services for SW London are offered to meet demands of clients who want to have a new and carefully designed bathroom.

Our company provide the best possible range of services to make sure that every piece of the project is prepared, designed and managed by the best CAD drawers, fitters and managers with years-long experience and knowledge.

Comprehensive bathroom installation South West London

Professional skills & knowledge guaranteed

The skills which our bathroom fitters and installers possess have been gained throughout many years of professional and varied projects of extensions and conversions which they accomplished.

Depending on whether you want your bathroom to be the place where you take showers or baths – our professional engineers will help to make your dreams come true. Our company provide comprehensive refurbishing, repairs, installation and fitting works for all types of bathrooms. Each bathroom installation and bathroom fitting SW London service is planned and performed using different building materials, different arrangement plans for washbasins, baths, shower enclosures, sinks, electrical and lighting systems fitting an many more.

Loft conversions West London

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loft_conversion_west_londonHaving a long time experience in providing various types of house interior extension and conversion services we can offer a wide variety of loft conversions in West London area. Our services are characterised by full professionalism, devotion to details and full personalisation according to what the client expects and requires.

Many loft areas are often left unused or used for no particular purpose and hence our offer of turning that area into a fully-developed and comfortable place fr rest and leisure.

Our company provide effective and fully professional attic / loft conversion services to fully use the house space area you have. We offer attractive and competitive prices coupled with full care and devotion to all the details such as tiling, floor fitting and installation, electrical system installation, fitting and testing, windows installation, brick works, heating installation and testing and many others.

Comprehensive loft conversions West London

Fully personalised & offering best quality

We provide our services for detached houses, semi-detached houses, flats, terraced houses and many more – the type of building does not matter. It is the offer directed particularly to those clients living in West London who want to have their loft areas converted into a cosy and comfortable living area where they can sit and relax.

Each loft conversion in West London area comes with a full CAD drawing services, professional schedule preparation managed then by professional managers of ours. We possess experienced and skilled specialists in brick works, CAD drawing services, windows installation, floor fitting, heating and electrical systems installation & testing and many more experts to take care of each project. We invite you to contact us using the enquiry form on the right or calling/mailing us.

Loft conversion SW London

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loft_conversion_sw_londonOur company offer professional services related to loft conversion and extension which are provided exclusively for the area of SW London. We know that in big cities such as London it is extremely important to get as much space in your house as possible. If you wish to receive greater comfort by converting your loft area – we can offer you the knowledge, skills and required devotion to details to prepare the loft conversion according to your needs and expectations.

Loft conversions in South West London are a great way to improve the comfort of living and at the same time to increase the usability of your entire house area. Conversion of loft area in SW London is an offer directed particularly to those clients and home-owners who possess houses or flats with a small space both inside and outside. This method is neither time consuming nor costly.

Professional & quality loft conversion SW London

Full devotion to details

We provide professional planning services before actually starting loft conversion works. Our company possess many experienced and qualified CAD drawing specialists and engineers who have already accomplished many loft conversion projects not only in South West London, but also around London. We offer you the best team of installers, fitters and engineers to make sure that every detail is cared for in an appropriate way.

Planning permission for extension in London

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Our London house extension company realise how important for further extension and conversion works obtaining a valid planning permission for conversion or extension is.  UK, London rules for planning permission are often not needed, for instance, if you just want to make some minor extension works. One thing you need to do is to pay a visit to your local office / authority in order to know better what files and documents you’ll have to submit and for which documents and permissions you’ll have to apply. We will help you to obtain your planning permission for extension in London – just call us and tell us more about your extension or conversion project.

We will help you to quickly get your own planning permission!

One of the issues is to choose from several different planning permissions. These are, for instance, regular permissions, outline permissions or consequent permissions. It is most commonly the case that you apply for the regular one which is also called a full permission. Our specialists will help you in the process of obtaining a valid planning permission.

It is important to note that without a valid permission for planning you can be fined or (in certain circumstances) be imprisoned. It is usually within the 8 weeks time span that the local authority decides whether you are going to obtain the permission. It may also happen that the time will be longer, especially in cases where some additional files and documents are needed. Below you will find the rules characterising planning permissions in London:

  • 3 years lasting time for the planning permission
  • within 2 weeks you have to submit the application form to your local authority
  • you have to provide a public notice before applying for the permission
  • building works cannot be initiated before obtaining the permission. Note that all the works will have to be demolished if they were initiated before getting the permission
  • you need to pay a fee for applying for the permission. Loft conversions, interior extensions and exterior conversions are charged for around 26 GBP.

Additional documents such as public notices copies (6 copies) will have to be provided including also the certificate that you obtained from your local authority in which they state that the plan for extension services is applicable up to 4 houses, a plan of your property in 6 copies and the fee that has to be paid for the application. Our services helping our Clients obtain London planning permission are characterised by highest quality of support and the high level of experience of our specialists.

House extension CAD drawings London

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Our house extension CAD drawings London offer the best as well as the most modern services of CAD drawings for house extensions and modelling works. London CAD designs for loft conversions and house extensions may include both existing and desired floor panel layouts, elevation walls, all the additional informations, dimensions, markers, etc. All CAD services within London are an easy way to quickly and efficiently plan and arrange a new spaces in the house.


Our company offer detailed & most professional CAD drawings for you!

We provide professional and experienced CAD drawings specialists who can design wonderful and extremely detailed 2D and 3D drawings of all the interior spaces in your house and all the elements, walls, spaces that you’d like to have.  London house extension CAD services include:

  • garage extension CAD drawings
  • exterior CAD drawings
  • interior CAD drawings
  • loft conversion CAD drawings
  • attic drawings CAD drawings
  • renovation CAD drawings
  • extension CAD drawings
  • and many other…

it is easy to get from us the CAD drawings – you just need to  send us photos as well send us the documents or other files in the PDF format . It is then possible for us to prepare all the necessary  schemes and plans of the areas inside and outside your house. Thanks to house extensions CAD services we can easily visualise the entire idea of extension or conversion you have in mind.

House extension designs London

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Our company in London provide professional house extension designs for all London clients as well as those within the nearest vicinity of London. Apart from these services we are able to offer detailed and thoroughly performed house initial visits. Because we care for the entire process of extensions and conversions it is vital to provide visits that will turn helpful in designing any structural changes to your house including loft conversions. Designs that we offer are also necessary if you are planning any changes in the garage, garden, driveway and all other areas around your house.

You can call us or mail us and we will help you right away – our specialists and designers are available 24/7. After sending us the complete specification of the extension / conversion project we then perform comprehensive and detailed on-site examinations and price estimations including also consultations with you to come to terms with the way the extension or conversion is to be performed. We specify all the equipment to be needed, suggestions of architects and many other issues necessary to discuss before creating a full design project.

House extension designs London are a perfect solution when you are looking for professionals who could do the whole job for you. Our specialists come fully prepared for a comprehensive and detailed examination of the area to be extended, remodelled and converted. We always prepare several different versions of the design to suggest you possible alternations and alternatives. This is also to help you save the money and keep the highest level of quality.

It is important to know that a standard on-site visitation takes from about 4 to 6 hours, but the exact time is always dependent on the type of works to be done, their complexity and the size of the existing area and, what follows, the amount of materials to be used for the project completion.

If you would like to appoint for a meeting with one of our engineers just call us and we will inform you about the date of the meeting so that both parties will be prepared for it. We always listen to our clients ideas and concepts first before we turn to planning and drawing works.

Conservatory extension London

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Our company propose professional and fashionable conservatory extension services within London and all its nearest surroundings. Lots of people use such services to considerably enlarge the the space they can live and relax. We have already provided lots of different types of extensions of conservatories from the very beginning. Our experience allows us to propose our own ideas that clients may like, professional projects and schedules showing exactly how and where the changes will be applied and also to provide flexibility – the client can always change his/her mind and this will not influence the deadline of the work.

The preparation for the conservatory extension is the same as in the case of all other projects such as house extensions, that is, we provide extensive on-site visitations combined with professional cost estimation service. We do our best to make our prices affordable and our services carried out by our experienced and skilled engineers and designers.

Because of the knowledge we have and because of the devotion to our work you can count on us – your conservatory extension project will be performed quickly, efficiently and with the great care for providing the maximal durability. Conservatory extensions are an easy way to convert kitchens into various different rooms for study, leisure, or just inviting friends and guests and having great time.

Depending on your needs we can provide you with a bespoke project plan or we can come at your place and discuss all the relevant issues with you. It would be best for you to use our contact data (phone, mail, or enquiry form) and tell us about your requirements. We are mainly dealing with projects within the area of London and its nearest surroundings. Conservatory extension London services guarantee the best quality of works.